Telephone Reassurance

Telephone Reassurance

Telephone Reassurance gives peace of mind to seniors who live alone. The program provides a daily, safety-check phone call, Monday through Friday.

Each senior is assigned a trained volunteer who makes the daily call at a designated time agreed upon by each party. If calls remain unanswered, a procedure is implemented by Sheltering Arms Senior Services staff to locate the client and make sure he or she is safe.

These daily calls offer a sense of security and support seniors in their choice to remain living independently.

Register for the program by calling 713-685-6577.

Interested in becoming a Telephone Reassurance Volunteer?

Have a Minute? Make a Call! Attend one of the Telephone Reassurance Program scheduled orientations. All orientations are from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm. Call or email to register.

Clients Share The Importance of These Calls

"I felt totally invisible prior to receiving these calls."

"I was terrified every day that something would happen to me and my pets would be abandoned."

"That little call says everything is okay in the world - somebody knows where I am."

"With no family left of my own, the volunteer lifts my spirits and helps me cope with my illness and daily life."

"It makes me feel safe and cared about."

"It gives me contact with the outside world."

"Makes me feel better the rest of the day!"

"She helped me when I was sick and didn't want to get up. She boosted my spirits. Thank you!"